Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Castmill all about?

    Castmill is a content management system and administration platform for digital signage and a HTML5 digital signage player that is open for everybody. Anybody can easily register its displays and start publishing information and infotainment. We believe that digital signage should be inexpensive and accessible to anyone, and Castmill is here to prove it.

  • What does it cost?

    There is a basic free plan and a number of paid plans. You can switch plans at any time and as often as you need.Learn more about our Plans and Prices.

  • What is a Player?

    A Player is the software that is used to show content on a screen. We currently have Players for Android, Samsung SmartTV and Web BrowsersLearn more about Players

  • I have an old TV, can I still use Castmill?

    If your TV has an HDMI input you can use Castmill using our Android player, please read more about it here.

  • If the player is HTML5 and Web Based how can it work offline?

    The player uses some quite advanced caching techniques to guarantee that it can always work in offline mode. As soon as it gets back online it will update itself with the latest medias and calendars that are relevant for it.

  • What video, image and audio formats do you support?

    We support most video, image and audio formats available. All medias are transcoded to suitable standards and resolutions for the players, so even if the players are HTML5 based we can still play any video, image or audio format.

  • Do you support Powerpoint?


  • Do you support the PDF format?


  • What hardware is required to run the player software?

    We recommend the use of Android HDMI dongles but you can use other Android devices such as tablets or phones as well. There is also a Castmill Player app for Samsung SmartTVs. Additionally it you can use any computer capable of running the Chrome browser.Learn more about our Players

  • What about security, can I trust that my displays are safe?

    We use the best industry standards for encryption of the content sent to the players. In this way the communication is secured, but please keep in mind that you have to keep routines on your own to guarantee security.

  • What are the "Terms of Service"?

    Please take a look at theterms of usage

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