Castmill Players

You have several choices for running Castmill. We provide 4 different players with similar features that should cover all your needs.

Windows PC, HTML5 Player

Castmill player for Windows PCs is a simple and affordable way  to get started into the world of digital signage. Read more about this player here.

Android HTML5 Player

Castmill player for Android turns any Android compatible device into powerful HTML5 digital signage player. You can use this player on tablets, mobile phones, and/or HDMI dongles. An HDMI dongle combined with a non-smart tv provides a super cheap solution packed with great features. Read more about this player here.

Samsung HTML5 Player

This player runs on Samsung's Smart TVs. This makes possible to use a TV as a digital signage solution without any additional hardware. More about this here.

Browser HTML5 Player

You can also use any computer as a Castmill Player by simply pointing your web browser at about this here.

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