What can you use Castmill for?

Castmill is a very flexible service that you can use whenever you need to display important information to your customers, make advertisements, product campaings or just to provide plain entertainment.

Information Displays

Display information that is useful for your audience. Use the powerful schedule capabilities in Castmill to show the information at the right time. Opening hours, special events, maps with different locations are a few possible examples.

Advertisement and Marketing

Use powerful videos or image slideshows to create advertisement campaings and market your products as well as display your fidelity programs.

Menu boards

If you own a restaurant, Castmill provides an inexpensive and flexible solution for displaying restaurant menu boards. Schedule different menus and offers depending on the time or day in the week!


Sometimes you just need to show content to entertain your audicence, in waiting rooms, or queues. Show for example realtime News, weather or any kind of videos.

Instore Radio

You can use Castmill as a complete Instore radio solution. Just connect the player to your audio system and start streaming music from "shoutcast", upload your own music or information clips and schedule them so that they play precisely when you want.

You can have daily audio clips for closing hours, information, dayle offers or whatever you like.

Digital Queue System

Enable the queue system and your display can be used for handling queues as well as to show any other kind of information or advertisements. You just need to connect a USB keypad device to your player to easily control the queue.

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