Android HTML5 Digital Signage Player

Getting Started

You can use this player on any android compatible device. This allows you to convert any phone, tablet or TV into a powerful digital signage solution.

We recommend the use of HDMI dongles to convert a standard TV into a player. The dongle is very cheap and easy to setup. Just connect it to your TV in the HDMI input, configure WiFi and install Castmill Player from Google Play or download it here

We offer an android based player with everything preinstalled and including a lifetime subscription in ourshop.

Install the player

Install the player by downloading the APK for your android device. The first time Castmill starts it will ask you if you want to enable autostart, this is recommended so that the player starts automatically when the TV is switched on. You can always disable this afterwards.

When the app starts it will display a pincode. This pincode is needed in order to register the display from the web application.

Register the display

Now on your computer, without closing the app on your TV, open up a browser and go to If you haven't already done so, sign up for a free account (it is really easy) and then login and open up the Players tab. ClickRegister Player to register your TV. Enter a name for your TV and the pincode displayed on your TV.

Ready to roll!

Your Android device has now been registered as a Castmill Player and you can start uploading and scheduling content that you want to have displayed.

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