Digital Signage HTML5 Player

Easy registration

Just point your browser to in order to start a player. The first time you start the player you will receive a pincode and a qr code, for manual and automatic registration respectively.

Based on HTML5 Technology

Castmill is the first digital signage player that is not only capable of running HTML5 content, but that it also is written in HTML5 iself. This means that any device capable of running a modern web browser can also be a modern player of digital signage.

Complete offline operation

Our player software is capable of running offline without interruption. Content is smartly downloaded and cached so that it can be played efficiently and without delays according to the content programmed in the calendar.

Self monitoring and robust performance

The player has been designed for robustness and 24/7 operation. The status of every player can be monitored from the displays view.

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