Windows HTML5 Digital Signage Player

Getting Started

You can use this player on any Windows PC, converting it in a affordable and powerful digital signage solution.

The player is very efficient and supports full HD reproduction even on  low-end hardware. The installation is super simple, just download thishere unpack it and run castmill-player.exe.

The player will start in full screen and by default it will autostart the next time you restart the computer.

Install the player

The player installs itself the first time you run it. You can disable  the autostart feature with the menu that appears if you move the mouse.

The player can work in offline mode, but you will need an internet connection to register the player the first time as well as to download content.

When the app starts for the first time it will display a pincode. This pincode is needed in order to register the display.

Register the display

Now on your computer, without closing the app on the player PC, open up a browser on another PC and go If you haven't already done so, sign up for a free account (it is really easy) and then login and open up the Players tab. ClickRegister Player to register your player. Enter a name of your choosing for your new player and the pincode displayed on your display.

Ready to roll!

Your Windows PC has now been registered as a Castmill Player and you can start uploading and scheduling content that you want to have displayed.

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