Castmill is packed with features, here are a few highlights. And if there is something you are missing, please contact us and we will consider adding it in the next version!

Complete Displays View

Get a comprenhensive view of all the displays that are part of your account. You can check their online status in real time, assign a calendar with desired playlists, check their current location, local time, and many other things.

Playlist builder

Create playlists easily using drag and drop. Specify the duration of every entry in the playlist, arrange the entries and preview the result in the efficient playlist previewer.

Media handling

Upload your images and videos from the medias view. Don't worry about what format or resolution you should upload, we will convert all the content automatically for you to the most efficient representation for your players.


Create calendars where you can specify when and for how long the given playlists should be played. Changing the content of a calendar will update automatically and in real time all  of the displays using it.


Define events to play any media or playlist on exact moments. Events are specially useful for instore radio, where you want to play your audio messages just once and in exact points in time.

Groups and sharing

All items that you can create such as medias, playlists, displays and calendars can be shared among the other users of Castmill. Create groups and give different rights to each item so that you can share safely and conveniently with other members of your organization.

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