Whitelabel Castmill

Whitelabel Castmill is the most flexible signage solution available. Configure logos, copyright texts, and on your own domain. Make the whitelabel your own branded product that you can sell to your customers.

Users and system management

You get a powerful admin system to control all your customers and players. You can create accounts so that your customers can access their players while you get a complete view of everything on the system.

Monthly reports

It provides you monthy reports that you can use to invoice your customers depending on the amount of players and storage they use.

Custom android player

Includes whitelabel versions of the Android player that you can easily install on our provided hardware (discounted 50% for whitelabel users) or on another one of your liking as you see fit.


Premiun, 7 days a week, personalized support via email or skype, to help you when you need it the most.

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