Thursday, June 16, 2022

Automatic Real Estate Broker Widget

Manuel Astudillo

Today we want to announce a new widget that we have developed in order to further simplify the process of displaying real estate objects on your screens.

Even though our standard widget for real estate brokers is easy to use and quite flexible, allowing you to choose any object and images you want, the process can still be tedious in the long run and therefore we thought that you could sacrifice a bit of control and instead gain complete automation, which saves a lot of time and just works.

The new widget allows you to specify some criteria that will be used to automatically fetch and show real estate objects on your screens. You can create as many widgets as you want with different criteria, so for example you could have one screen showing only the sold objects as a "showcase" screen, while you could use another criteria to only show the objects belonging to a given real estate agent. The possibilities are endless.

The new widget configuration tool in all its glory.
The new widget configuration tool in all its glory.

As you can see it is just a matter of selecting a few parameters and click on save. Then use the generated widget in any screen you want and the content will update automatically, always fulfilling the criteria you specified and showing the latest listings.

This new widget could have only been possible to develop thanks to our partnership with Tylöprint which provided us the feedback and ideas necessary to implement it.

We are launching the new widget with initial support for FastighetsbyrÄn, the largest real estate franchise in Sweden, and soon we will be releasing it to many others.

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