We offer a scalable and simple pricing model. Get your first player's subscription for free, with all the features enabled, and add more subscriptions as you need them.

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    One player subscription including 512Mb of storage.
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You can also buy more Gigabytes storage than what is provided per player for an additional  

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Media Formats

Castmill supports virtually any video, audio and image formats as well as powerpoints, PDFs and even custom web pages using the Web widget.

Updating Subscription

Updating your subscriptions is very simple. Just go to youraccount tab and update the number of players and storage that you want to have.

Free Player

When you signup in Castmill you get a feature complete player. You can use all the same features as the ones available when you buy more players or storage.

Premium Support

Premium support is always included. Do you have any questions or need help with anything? our response time is at most 24 hours, but usually you get an answer within the hour.

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