Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Welcome to our new webpage

Manuel Astudillo

After 10 years in the digital signage business, it was time to give a new look to our webpage. But it is much more than just a face liftoff, we have designed the new portal so that it will be easy to find tons of information, and also to be easier for us to keep it updated. We have a lot of stuff that we are going to be publishing soon.

Hopefully you will find valuable information that will help you run your digital signage business.

In these new pages you can find a brand new blog, where you will find articles, tutorials and use cases that will hopefully inspire you and help get out more of your digital signage.

You will also find a new demos section, were will will upload examples of what you can achieve with our solution if you partner with us.

Finally we have a brand new documentation site, where you will find detailed instructions for all the capabilities of Castmill.

We hope you like it!

Castmill is an easy to use and powerful digital signage platform. Check the demos to see what it is capable of and why not, give it a try for free.
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